How To Complete Our Courses


Scan the many courses available either in our “Courses” section or “Company Sponsored” section and click on the desired course. You will always get a brief description of the course prior to registration. Click on the “Brief Description” to link onto the registration form. A student may elect to register online or may take a copy of one of our registration forms and fax the details. If you wish to call in your credit card number or mail your payment, CE Online studies will accommodate your request without delay. We always suggest an online registration. Our site is secure with encryption.

Active Courses

After registration a paid course remains active for a maximum period of 3 years. We will retain the course as active to the end of September of the third year. A course provided free of charge during our complimentary periods will remain active for a period of 1 year from the date of registration.

Select your own User and Password

Please enter all your information accurately. The address you show will be the mailing address used to send your certificate. Pay close attention to your e-mail entry and ensure its accuracy. Our site communicates with you by e-mail. The registrant must select their own “User Name” and “Password”. They must be at least 4 characters long and are case sensitive. When submitting your registration on-line please take your time. After submission a “Thank You” screen will come up indicating that your submission was successful. If an error was made on your registration form you will have to go back, make your correction, and re-enter your “User Name” and “Password”.


By credit Card: Payment can be made securely online by inputting all credit card information. This information is received directly into our office in an encrypted mode. We manually de-code each entry. Our data base contains no readable credit card numbers. Course registrations are reviewed every hour during office hours and periodically after office hours and weekends. Your confirmation of clearance is sent to you by return e-mail.

By Mail: We gladly accept payments by cheque payable to "CE Online Studies". When paying by cheque please indicate this on your registration and please submit your registration online. We will gladly clear your course for immediate use however we do not mail certificates of completion until payment is received in full. We will retain your course as active for 7 days after your registration has been submitted.

By Phone: You can contact our office with your credit card information after submitting your form online anytime between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday-Friday at 905-270-4727. Please indicate that payment is made by cheque on your registration.

Wait for an Approval e-mail

After we review your registration and accept your form of payment a confirmation of your User Name and Password and approval of your selected course is sent to you via e-mail. This should not take more than a few hours during normal working hours and perhaps longer during weekends or holidays. On average, during the busy months we clear courses every hour. Always keep a copy of your course approval e-mail for your records. It will contain your selected “User Name’ and Password”. You can now log into your course material from our home page or directly from the link provided on the approval e-mail. You do not have to complete a course once you’re in it. If you have completed some of the answers please don’t forget to “save” what you have done and complete the balance at a later time. Your User Name and Password is valid up until the time the course is complete and submitted properly.

Submitting Your Course Answers

When you are ready to submit your course answers please take a precaution and “Save” your answers first. In the event of an Internet malfunction all your work will be stored on our server. PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME WHEN YOU SUBMIT YOUR COURSE ANSWERS. The system allows you to make corrections after your first submission. If you are satisfied you will confirm the submission. After this final submission CE Online Studies will immediately provide on screen all the correct answers for the questions. You may print these if you wish. The system now automatically sends your given answers back to you via your e-mail. Check your e-mail for your answers. The receipt of your answers is your indication that your course was properly submitted.

Certificates Of Completion

Certificates of completion are issued the same day that the course answers are completed and properly submitted to us. Certificates are mailed through Canada Post so please make sure you have shown a proper mailing address with a proper unit or suite number. Our certificates contain an embossed seal. WE DO NOT E-MAIL OR FAX CERTIFICATES.


Q         Do I need a computer to complete these courses?

A         Yes! This is not a correspondence site.

Q         How long does it take to complete a course?

A            Accreditation hours are  provided based on the time element to complete the courses. The average individual should take the accredited time to complete. A trainee in the business may take longer and the expert may take a shorter period of time to complete. In all cases the accredited time shown on your certificate will be that time accredited for the listed course.

Q         Will my answers be marked?

A         It is not necessary to mark and grade answers. Accreditation is based on the completion of the courses. At CE Online Studies we take pride in the quality and substance of our site. All answers are reviewed and sent back to the student. We expect that all insurance professionals will answer questions in a thoughtful and complete manner.

Q         How do you communicate with me after registration?

A         All Communication is done via e-mail. Please ensure that when a registration form is completed that you double check the e-mail address you have shown. An incorrect e-mail will result in delays but Not lost material.